Senior Creative Stylist: Meshelle Wheare

Wanting to be a hairdresser since she was old enough to talk, first started sweeping the salon floors when she was twelve, destined for success Meshelle worked her way up to being rewarded for her outstanding achievements in the hairdressing industry with the Young Australian of the year awards.

Operation live Wire Business Grant Winner, a diploma in business marketing
and graphic design, worked as a Session Stylist at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, 3 time National Finalist for American Crew Face Off, finalist in the Local Business Awards in 2007, winner of the Local Business Awards in 2008, Judge in the Hair and Beauty Industry & employers Association of SA Competitions. Opened and established three Boutique Salons in Adelaide, worked with SAFM breakfast show, The SALA Festival, and has always actively been involved in local
charity and community events such as the Variety Club, after 21 years of professional experience, Meshelle is continuing to work towards success in
the hairdressing industry.

As a Self motivated and career orientated professional taking  every opportunity to further her personal and professional development, Meshelle has developed her own signature services exclusively for The Palladeum clients, with a four year old little boy it’s all about time management, patience and having a good balance. 

Meshelles biggest mentor personal and professional: Alec Saks Hairdressers
Biggest Role Model: Jackie Snobz Hair Studio

Future Palladeum Stylist: Master Lane Harrison

Colour Technician/Stylist: Jade Niscioli

Inspired from a young age, the art of hairdressing has always been a passion of Jades. With personal drive and motivation to succeed, Jade started hairdressing as a teenager and completed her apprenticeship at the prime age of 18.

Throughout her career, Jade has maintained a positive approach and an open mind towards hairdressing which have aided the development of her broad range skills and techniques.

Jade has undertaken extensive training and development courses including that of the L’Oreal Professional Team. This year she will be competing in a range of Australian Hairdressing competitions.

At the beginning of what will be a promising career, Jade looks forward
to making the most out of every opportunity, embracing her artistic flair
and always working towards bettering herself as a hairdresser.

Jade is a talented and ambitious individual who strives to achieve her best,
not only for her own benefit but for that of her clients and those who have supported her throughout her growth.