Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

1 big brown onion
1 sweet potato
1 Queensland blue pumpkin (only because QLD is my favourite place)
1 pkt Continental French onion soup
sea salt and black pepper

Boil all together in a saucepan topped with water until soft, mix in blender to smooth, then all you have to do is walk down to Queen Street, pick up some warm bread at the Red Door Bakery and lunch is served!

However, soup is not a practical lunch choice for hairdressers, every time I brought this soup to work for lunch I would get to eat one or two spoonful’s warm, and then by the time I got back to finish my soup it was stone cold every single time! Hairdressers eat on the run of course and would put a Red Door Bakery pie in a blender and drink it straight down the hatch if possible…

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Furse

Thank you Mesh and Carol for your professionalism, the girls and I were thrilled with our hair styles and your service.  We had a great time at the salon, and the morning ran smoothly with all of the hairstyles completed on time. 

A big thank you – we are so pleased that you were part of our wedding day.


28 January 2012

Kingsbrook Estate

TipsPlan your day leaving plenty of time for each aspect, so you can relax and enjoy the special moments with your family and friends and take in the day.  Remember that some things won’t go to plan but these surprises are part and parcel of what makes your wedding day memorable – so make the best of the unexpected and have fun!

Chromatic's in store...

The Hair colour of the future has arrived at The Palladeum, so come on in and get excited over the New Chromatic's hair colour!

Chromatic's prismatic permanent hair color delivers 4-D color results deep into every strand. Zero ammonia, zero odor-just stunning, high shine color and leaves the hair 2X stonger.

Colour Chromatics!

A hair color that leaves your hair feeling 2 x stronger? It’s just arrived at The Palladeum. Redken Australia’s NEW Chromatics...

No Ammonia Permanent hair color with protein extract for
2 x more fortified hair.

Mother's Day

Home is where your mum is...
I never knew how much love my heart could hold until Lane called me "mummy".

Spoil your mum this Mother’s Day 2012…
Mothers Day Gift Packs: Includes PureOlogy Shampoo and Conditioner for only $54.95


Need a new look for the new season?

Well NOW is the time to feel pampered and fresh!

As autumn/winter is rolling in its time to add colour and freshen up your hair with one of the latest and greatest trends of this season.

The Sexy colours of the season include warm brown, vibrant mahogany/red, copper, auburn, plum and even warm deep blonde. Finish the look by toning down your highlights with a warmer base colour.

Be the centre of attention and stand out of the crowd this season by selecting a stylish new hair cut to complement your colour. Don’t be afraid to say farewell to your long tresses and shorten them to get the most impressive design of the moment. Think textured bobs and bold, vibrant structures for a sexy makeover that can be easily managed.

Be inspired and fall in love with these eye catching styles; 

What are you waiting for?
Think autumn/winter 2012, think sexy new you!

Call The Palladeum today and let us bring you back to life!