Being a hairdresser is such a wonderful job!!! It becomes a huge part of who you are. Some of my most treasured friendships today began with clients. I have learned a little bit of a lot of different things from so many people of all ages; my clients have taught me so much about life. Clients come and go over the years for many reasons, and some are like permanent tattoos.

The Clients that have always made the biggest impact on my life are the ones who shared their recipes with me. They are the ones that taught me to cook!!!

All the recipes that I will share with you over time I dedicate to David – the beautiful man that I ate sticky date pudding with every Friday.

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I call this recipe the ‘throw together log slice...’

When I opened my first salon I had so much energy!  Amazing to look back now. I was seen and heard everywhere and there was lots of Champagne...  

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